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Rich Internet Application development for Enhanced UI & Improved ROI

WebSoftwareDesigns has years of experience in RIA development across different platforms. Our RIA services include application development in Adobe Flex, AJAX and Flash ActionScript 3. Our rich internet application development services transform the typical web applications into interactive and sticky user-interfaces supported by robust and flexible backend. With an expert team of RIA developers specializing in open source frameworks, our RIA development services help manage your project costs and maintain efficiency.

From the largest RIA in the internet space to a TechCrunch-featured RIA-based iPhone app, we've done it all and now we offer custom rich internet application development for your business.

From a user's standpoint, rich internet applications quickly deliver rich-media content with easy-to-use interactive interface resulting in a great customer experience.

From a web-technology point of view, rich internet applications can be made secure for enterprise-level applications and also control software maintenance costs. Enterprise RIAs are known to close the performance gap between on-demand application software and SaaS. For enterprise SaaS, RIAs can offer role-based and process-oriented front ends to the internal business systems and workflows of a complex organization.

From a business owner's perspective like yourself, you'd want to have a happy customer using the best technology on your website resulting in better user engagement and improved ROI for your business.

WebSoftwareDesigns has focused RIA services driven by:

  • User engagement w/ interactive UI designs
  • Improved visitor loyalty
  • Secure & robust business applications
  • Fast development process using Agile methods
  • Easy maintenance, upgrading & development
  • Competitive pricing – an outsourcing bonus!

Our RIA development services include –

  • Flex development We customize and integrate Flex applications with other web technologies including .NET, Java and PHP. Our RIA development team provides a holistic solution for creating and delivering rich internet applications for customer and enterprise platforms.
  • Ajax development for fast and engaging user interface development combined with other Web 2.0 technologies. As AJAX is used widely for RIA UI design it provides extended visual service, desktop interactivity and functionality that adds value to SOA through better user interaction. We use different AJAX frameworks that streamlines with the overall RIA design.
  • Flash Actionscript development services for highly interactive RIA applications and presentations. Our team of flash designers and flash actionscript developers are experts in developing multimedia applications and games on a wide array of platforms and browsers.

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